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    . . .In love Memories for a good friend. . .

    Some time good people just die without any reason. All is about the memories we got in our mind. Goodbye Cindy and it was always a pleasure to play with and being part on your Panda Group, even if only for a short period of time. . .

Welcome visitors

    Welcome dear Guests and Visitors,

    Hello dear visitors, this block is only for you and I would like to tell you a little bit about us, if you are not sure if you want to become part of the community with us.

    There are many old articles but still valuable to read and yes you will learn a lot about me. My weddings at Guildwars, Guildwars 2 and other games. What successes and defeats I have suffered.

    Many vacation and life reports from mit selbst with many pictures (almost 500 MB of pictures here at the moment). The good and the bad times. Also I have painted a lot of pictures where it is worth to be discovered. Often there are many secrets hidden in them and also pictures of myself.

    We will also offer programs here for PBWow Style like this customized portal and many little things where I can't list them all here.

    But you have to register for all this and I will check if I can unlock you depending on the reason you are here. The forum here is free and will always remain so. Of course donations are welcome but not obligatory and will not give you any advantage here.

    Reading is nice but writing is also important here. You will get money with our own currency for your articles, comments and votes and can buy things like VIP (automatically) and other things.

    We have a bank with everything that is listened to, a lottery, and other fun things. Some small games and a lot of other fun things that you might enjoy.

    Of course you have to do something and be active for it, you won't get it for free and you won't see everything the same way. You have to work for it and then we could have a lot of fun here.

    We can offer most of it in 4 languages (German, English, French and Italian). The more different languages we have here the more articles will be available in your language. :13:

    But you warn yourself this site is as crazy, unique and has its own life as it is beautiful, funny and sad at the same time.


    A year of big changes all over the world and big lies from a lot of people. We are all not safe from what is wrong and what is right. From Fakes and Truth. The real truth lies between both of them. We are here to find out and share this kind of place with all our friends. Just find out. There are a lot of magical old things found to enjoy everyone and sure we try to discuss latest things going on all over the world. Just enjoy this place in this hard and even more harder times coming up for us. Try to live your life, even if everyday could be our last one but please share your minds with us here.

    You can find here:

    Guildwars & Guildwars 2
    Other Games / Videos / Movie Discussions
    A lot story of my travels arround Europe
    Some nice small Forum Games / Dicerolling and more. . .
    A lot of wonderfull done Artworks from me
    All the Truth about MSP Poker and . . .
    And all other we just want to talk and share with you.
    Many Modifications and Addons for your PBWow3 Board Style.


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    Hello and Welcome to our Place: We are looking for you. Did you write stories, a good Artworker, good at Coding PHP, HTML, Javascript, can you good Organise things for us ? Anything can help us for this page to become more Magic as we already are. Sure we can offer you no real money for you work, but if you know my real smile, you know its worth any kind of money. So if you are willing to help us or just even visit as often you can ? So yours Welcome at any time.

    We are Searching currently:

    1. Coders: PHP, HTML, Javascript
    2. Artworkers
    3. Text Writers
    4. Players Elite Dangerous
    5. Players Guild Wars 2
    6. Search FX Effects for Page
    7. Search Portal Modules
    8. Search Poker Game for PHPBB
    9. Any other Games for us
    10. Players from a Poker Site


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