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Max Payne II


Beitragvon Transwarp » 1 Dekade 1 Jahr Vor (9. Dez 2007, 17:27)

Beitrag von Transwarp » 1 Dekade 1 Jahr Vor (9. Dez 2007, 17:27)

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Believe it or not REMEDY just working since longer time at MAX PAYNE II. Just a remember the first part was be vanished out of the story for public within a week. But it was great for any of us Adults and such kind of games not developed for even playing any childs. We discoverd a few shot for you and believe the are from the real game itself ! Just incase you were doubting that these shots are real ingame pics of MP2, Mika Reini, Remedy's Office Mangager said this on 3D Realms's boards:

Some have asked the question whether the screenshots are pre-rendered or realtime. All screenshots are realtime. We never do pre-rendered.

Also, Invader DIM emailed me this link on IMDB that states that James McCaffrey, the same guy that did the voice of Max Payne in the original game, will return to voice-act as Max, but no official confirmation from Remedy as of yet.

Some more facts you maybe interested into know:

The beloved CrackyPipe has uploaded 15 high quality scans (some of them the same as JackAss's) from PC Zone magazine. Check the thread here and check out the Max Payne 2 screenshots page GutBomb has prepared here. Also, in the comments section for this post Scott Miller from 3D Realms had this to say:

Here's the deal with Max's new look...
The original game used Remedy developers, family and friends for faces. A lot of the reviews for the game pointed this out even, as it was rather obvious in some cases that pro actors were not being used.

So, this time around, professional actors are being used all around, and they're all being hired from the New York City area (makes sense, right, with the game being set there). Yes, we all like Sam Lake better as Max, but he's also the game's primary script writer (and the script is HUGE!), and he doesn't have time to fly to New York to take part in the photo sessions.

The game will be better, in part, because Remedy's developers are not being distracted by photo shoots, and they can focus on their real jobs: making the game.

So, that's the short story. I wish we could have stuck with Sam :11: as Max, too, but this change had to be made, and having played numerous builds of the game already, I am already used to Max's new look and I don't even think twice about it anymore.

A lot of people complained about Zelda's new cel shaded look, too, but when they played the game it became much less important of a point. It only takes a little time to get used to.

But, the real bottom-line is that it was just not possible for the Remedy developers to make the game and also reprise their old roles again (or have to fly to NY city several times for photo shoots).

The good news is that Max's voice will be the same. : :02: Let's wait, hope and see all will come this kind of way :02:
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