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No one Lives Forever II


Beitragvon Transwarp » 1 Dekade 1 Jahr Vor (9. Dez 2007, 17:32)

Beitrag von Transwarp » 1 Dekade 1 Jahr Vor (9. Dez 2007, 17:32)

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- No one lives forever -2-

NOLF 2, Cate Archer hunts H.A.R.M., new Preview Online

To the successor of the maybe best Singleplayer Ego-Shooters of all times, namely "NOLF", it now inputs detailed Preview with the colleagues of "computer & Videogames". as the pretty Cate Archer, which, plays. There will be arms and how do the missions look? Also with "NOLF 2" fights your against the criminal syndicate "H.A.R.M"., which increase tries the world reign once at itself, to tear. With nice Gimmicks and new arms (for example Japanese throw stars).

Of course, a colorfast spy must travel through the world and numerous villains and wire-pullers the craft puts. So, the trip leads you among others to India, Siberia or Japan this time. Especially excellent, "NOLF" has also through the interactive possibilities, that offered inventory and surroundings. So if one will come to the goal on different types also this time. You can postpone objects and can ignite,

You can screw light bulbs from lamps or your simply shoots down all, which faces you into the way. More info as well as one pile Screenshots about "NOLF 2" find your with the Preview of the colleagues from "computer & Videogames." "NOLF 2" should come this of year into the stores in October :00: :00: :00:

- :39: "Es gibt keine Schlüssel von Glück. Tür ist immer geöffnet! Die Welt gehört demjenigen, der sich darüber freut!" :39: -

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