Hello and welcome to our crazy page, with crazy games to play, crazy risks to take, crazy chat to join, or just whatever. The Year 2022 now already passing Spring and Summer Times. Sure, no time to play online game and more time for doing a walk outside. But we hope still everyone sometimes finds for thrilling games and just having all the fun with chatting and whatever we can do. We made many improvements and updates to our page. All our games working and if we got many people at our chat, we can organize just a quick game of whatever to play. This could be men vs men or girls vs girl and even mixed teams, if we wanted to do. Most of our games could be played over several days, and nobody needs to be online at the same time. But if you want to play one of our crazy chat live games with us, sure, we need as much in our chat.

Everything is free to play and no real money need. We are a friendly place for friends and pleasant people, and all others should join other poker sites if they’re just looking for quick free play but still have to pay. We are different and work different as any, so you require some time to chat with us before we might offer you a game to play with us or one of our models we offer to play.

If we don’t play naughty poker game, we offer a lot of nice different game to play, and you can win money and friendship if you join our other games. As more friendship you have, as more possible naughty game could be played. Please check out or event and dates at our calendar on this page. Most game and events taken place each Friday, Saturday to play. Most time for most people, and some of our poker game could take hours to play. So take some time if you really wanted to play.

We offer our Game Show, Guildwars 2 Games and Events, our Weekend Arcade Tournaments to win money and play out possible adult games to play after. Refer to our forum for more news or ask inside our chat. If you want to join one of our Guilds, you’re welcome. Therefore, as everyone can join our page over our contact forum with your e-mail if you would like to get invited to join our nice community.

Page Updates / Jobs …

October 2022

Days getting even darker and darker and things slowly slide out of our hands. This time of the year our pages began to play her games, and they can become really evil and scary. We not sure what will happen, but it already started with creepy and bloody things to be shown, and occasionally, you hear screams and voices out of nowhere. We have planned and a small event between the male and female actors and more things maybe to happen. Sure, we as don’t know, we all need to discover be our own. . .

September 2022

Slowly but steady the days getting darker, but as dark as more sparkle of lights might work. Perhaps we should pick up some stories to be written and read but our members. Should they be dark, mysterious, scary, adult or just sexy? Nobody knows what can and will be to happen, so be prepared for anything possible.

But we never promise . . .

August 2022

Again, additional enhancements to our security for the members. New profiles and settings to hide things you’re not wanted to share. Fewer users‘ information over the forum, everything over the protected profiles only. Some old things coming back for our members. And not to forget our brand new Quiz System to play and win for Pixiedust. Polish and new cosmetics at some locations on our page.

July 2022

We have reworked our Arcade Games and made some polish Update to our System. For the Moment, we prepare for our European Female Soccer Cup 2022. Bet on your winning team and win high prices or falling down for evil dares. Just take a look inside our forums or miss the most interesting news. We got some old members back who now join in regularly. We just miss you…


We currently hire some jobs and different things. Our Team still require serious support for our female hostess jobs for chatting and playing games. If you have fun to support our team with Coding, Artworks, as Moderator, as Gaming Host or even to keep people for happy chatting? We certainly can find many things you can do and help us, getting even better and better. Did you want to become one of our female hostess to advertise our site? Are you familiar with chatting, writing and to play and organize games?

About our Page …

We are a Private Site for Gaming, Chatting, Artwork, Online Games, Fun, Movies, Adult Talking, We got some nice Poker and Black Jack Game for fun. We also organize some Tournaments from time to time. Doing a lot of Story writing or Role Play Games over our Forum and sure we got the world’s best Chat Tool ever to use.

We are better than most common site you might know, and we got over 40 different games to play with any kind of limit, bets or whatever we put in if you wanted to play risky games too. But we are also different and maybe scare some people but our freaking strange design and system we use. We try to be the best and most secure site for your data and pics you might want to use. No sharing and no uploading to be downloaded elsewhere.

We ask our members to work out things as a team if we wanted to do changes. Everyone got a free starting cash of our virtual money. And you never ever need to pay anything with real money here for to play our games. You got all you need in being active, playing our games and support us and our site, to help it grow.

We offer many nice events for the year 2022 to come and to be played. We have Arcade Games, Guildwars 2, Star Trek Online, Star Citizen and sure Poker and Black Jack Game to play in Multiplayer. The tournament can be played alone, or you can challenge others without arcade game and offer some naughty bets if you loose. Don’t compare us with any other pages like poker page with M..

We might not bigger, but more secure, more hidden and not and open door for anyone to play free. Our page is for free and no real money required like on this poker page starts with M.. We have different membership, but you can pay them, you need to earn them, or to win inside a poker game. Yes, you could risk anything for a game and just the imagination is the limit. But browse through our forum and see what up and look inside our time planer want events we currently offer to play.

Be advised before join us …

Before you enter,

you should know what you’re getting into.

This is a private site. You need an invitation to join and register at our site. Leave us your E-Mail, and we send you a possible invite to register. We got a lot of mixed content, from chatting, Multiplayer gaming and also some Adult Content. As such, the content contained within is inappropriate for minors. Appropriate care should be taken to ensure that it is not viewed by anyone less than 21 years of age.

Our website for consenting adults interested in assigning or performing dares, challenges, and / or making wagers that involve humiliating consequences and / or punishments for the loser. We don’t save any kind of images at our servers, and we also do not use a cam system. We do the most for all your safety and nearly the safest side you can find. If this form of content offends you, we recommend leaving this website immediately.

We monitor our community for the safety of its members, but we cannot guarantee all players are who they say they are or that our community is crime free. Caution is advised when playing with community members in the real world.

By continuing to our site, you acknowledge that you have read the above warnings and agreed to our  Forum Guideslines.