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     Welcome at Winter's Day 2022


    Have you already register for our Winter Day Event to watch? As closer Winter Day will arrive as more expensive it will become. This time men and women can jump into our contest or just pay the normal registration fee. We always on the hunt for a nice hostess or one woman willing to play the high-risk game inside our advent calendar. You need to be a registered member to read this information. Check this topic below for all needed information at our starter posts created there:

    Winter Day 2022 Event / Registration / Dates / Program

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Hello and Welcome to our page. We are a nice and private community with a few members, for nice chatting, gaming, multiplayer events, seasonal events, Poker & Black Jack Game, as many more crazy stuff you might never be seen before. We are friendly and open to anything and anybody if you're a charming person. Please read our portal page or inside our Guidelines Forum for guests, to find out what we all about.

Please tell us what we can do for you:

Did you have any questions ?Use this kind of information to drop us some messages. We will not tolerate spam or just silly questions. This site is private property. We don't need any advertise or any other provider services. Those message will get deleted.

Did you want to register ?So please fill out the contact form with your e-mail and why you intend to register on this page. We will check your message, but this can take some time. Thereafter, we might send you an invitation link for registration to your provided mail. So please use only working e-mails and do not forget to check your Spam folder for your invite message. It might, could get lost there. The provided link is valid for 2 weeks. Please fill out the registration fields, with the e-mail again, your age, gender and why you would like to join us. It could be happening your mail, IP is blacklisted by some other pages for reasons why don't know. Therefore, contact us to find a solution for you. We will see in our System and activate your account. Our system will not send you any activation message. So just check out if you can log in to our forum with your password.

You receive a private message with instructions and links inside for the next step, creating a small welcome text for our members. We are a small community, and so we want to know a few things about our members. Subsequently, you will be added to our Members Group and be able to do your first steps at our forum.

Safety and security for all our members comes first. We even discuss changes and game rules with anybody. So if you are looking for a safe new home for some fun in games, chat or whatever, we might consider us to join.


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