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This is our welcome and discussion forum about everything you can write in public. Guests have access to this forum and it is used for new registrations.
Das ist unser Willkommens und Diskussions Forum über alles was man öffentlich schreiben kann. Auf dieses Forum haben auch Gäste Zugriff und es wird für die Neuanmeldungen verwendet.
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Welcome to our new Members


Postby Miri4ever CEO » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:52 pm

Post by Miri4ever CEO »

Welcome to our new Members

Hello dear fellows. :35:

if yours new here we Welcome you. You see you have Limited Rights to read as guest here. But if you register on our nice page we can gain you some more info to see. This is a global topic because it's important and all news posted here, but as guest von only can see this message.

Register is free but you must be at least 21 years old and not try to spam our system, we will notice this before even you can and need to ban you.

Furthermore tell us the reason why you wanted to join us and solve our little riddle. You might after register have to wait until we prove your account to unlock. Then you can surf around in some topics, or better doing this inside this topic:

Just say a short hello, so our system can add you as member in our system for more access.
As soon as the Admins have activated your Account you say some small words here, and all is fine.
So we can set you to the right usergroups as soon as possible. :35: :13:

:5E: :39:
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