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User ranks and memberships


Postby Miri4ever VIP+  » Sat Nov 14, 2020 5:44 pm

Post by Miri4ever VIP+  »

  User ranks and memberships

In this post, I would like to introduce you a little to the different user groups, how to get them, what they cost and what benefits they will bring you. If this is your first time here, you will have to introduce yourself to me in my office before I will put you into the normal user group. This will give you standard access to the beginners forums, chat, and some games. But you are limited in some things, e.g., you can have a waiting time in the chat or no access to many functions and also your mailbox and the time to edit posts is much shorter. Most of this is done by our system alone without my intervention, once you have reached a certain number of posts and comments in the forum. Remember, we are a forum that lives on postings and contributions in the chat get lost and are not permanent, so they don't count here either, only real contributions. This is easy to do by reading some guides here.

Or joining in discussions with other members, or simply welcoming new members or using your welcome text to start a discussion with us here. There is a limit to the number of posts you can make so that your account got not deleted the next time you post. If you have only introduced yourself to get into the forum and have not written anything else, we will assume that it is not relevant. We will remove your account after a certain period of reminders and attempts to motivate you. You also don't buy a new car in order not to drive it, or make yourself a meal in order not to eat it. It, a place, lives from interaction and that's why we make sure that it happens.

The more you post, the higher your rank will rise, and you will automatically receive various rank badges. If you post more than 50 posts, you will get the highest rank for a normal member. In addition, you will automatically get into the Members Plus group, which grants you a few more things in the forum and on the site where others do not. You don't get access to more forums as there is a different system here, but your inbox will be bigger and any waiting time will be gone, or you will have access to new games. All these standard memberships are and will remain free of charge.

An exception will be the possible game show forum later on, where you might have to pay something to join, but otherwise they are and will all be free of charge. You will always get some virtual money for posting and replying. Random money also got distributed for certain actions, which you can then use in games to win more or, of course, to lose some. It serves as a kind of motivation system that encourages and rewards you to cooperate. Of course, you don't have to do it, and it's voluntary, but then you shouldn't complain if you never see the good stuff here. So, this is in everyone's own control.

The minimum contribution to remain a member is 5 posts / replies. Anything less than that could possibly be deleted, even if you log in daily. But that will be decided personally depending on the person. Whoever doesn't manage to write something here, I think we don't need that anyway. There are so many things we offer, and those who are really interested in the site will find something, even if it is only praise or criticism of the site here.

But let's start with the system ranks. You will receive these after you have made a contribution or a reply here, and will thus be promoted from guest to member. Mostly, you should write a little sentence and introduce yourself that you are here now and what you want to do here, and then our system is satisfied for the time being.

Depending on how much you have written, your rank changes and there is something like points that count up and show the others that you are a good member and that you have done a lot for the community here. Let me show you what that looks like. We have empty and filled squares in our ranks, which show something like the level here, this also applies to all the following ranks and also the special ranks here. These are, as mentioned before, automatically assigned by the system. It doesn't matter if you write new articles or just reply to existing ones, everything got recorded as a single number. I hate it when people only come to dust themselves off and don't want to do anything themselves. Hence, the rewards because it simply doesn't work without them for most people. These ranking logos are visible in your profile, the member list and in all forum posts. So, everyone can see what status you have here in the forum. Guests cannot access this feature and will not see this:
You have no permission to see this Content !!
Since your first time here you will only see the guidelines and the public office where you, please introduce yourself. As soon as you have posted something, you will then get access to the following areas, where there is much more to read and also many new instructions on how everything works here on the site. You will also be able to read the further replies to the articles, which you could not see as a guest and only the first article was displayed. You will then have access to the following areas by default. But these are only the initial forums, as I said, and everything else is up to you to decide what you want to see or not see here in the future. So, the number of your posts will have no influence here, just to see more. It will give you some virtual money and higher reputation and yes our members are important to us, and maybe you will get one or the other goodie from us.

There is another area planned here, but it is not public yet and not for any of the other groups. So, you have access to the following areas and can then decide for yourself whether you want to apply for further areas, where we will then activate you. This has nothing to do with the number of contributions, but of course, it makes it easier for us to decide whether to process the request faster or slower if we see that you have contributed. You can also see already in this example what is possible through the different categories, which I am giving you a glimpse of with my eyes, what I can see here:

Oh, I would like to note here that the navigation tab here is automatically unlocked for all Plus members (50 posts and more). There you have faster access to important places in the forum and to important external pages that we need access to. This is all controlled by the system and I won't unlock anything for you:
You have no permission to see this Content !!
Furthermore, this means that you can save and write more private messages and spam or waiting times might get eliminated. If you find errors or bugs or think that any settings are not correct, please contact us. Preferably in a post and then we will reward you with some extra money if we really missed something and if not, you at least started a discussion which will also earn you money.

Members at a glance:
  • Permanent access to these forums.
  • Higher number of private messages (10 pieces)
  • Longer time to modify posts (15 or 17 minutes for Plus members).
  • Access to faster navigation bar (Plus members)
  • Access to more games / tournaments / challenges in the gaming box
  • All forums listed here are free!
  • Random bonuses possible.
Why can't my posts got changed permanently? Well, there was a situation once where someone publicly insulted someone and thus triggered a wave of posts and insults in forums. After this happened, he simply changed or deleted his post and no one knew what and by whom this had happened unless they had followed it live. That's precisely what I want to prevent with this, but it could also be worthwhile because you might get some money for it if you embellish your post a bit, for example. But remember the time limit. I would also like to prevent private message spamming here, hence the limit. Many things can be discussed in the forum, for which you will be rewarded. And if it should be a bit more private, please make a post in the public office. This no one else can see, he can, but is permanently stored, and we can all always look and things / questions expand and this also counts as your contributions. Furthermore, there is a possibility that you will get more virtual cash in a certain forum than others. So depending on where you post, it might be worth it.

So, that's about it for this member group and if you have more questions about it, please use the forum :13: :5E:
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