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Your Username, E-Mail, Age


Postby Miri4ever VIP+  » Fri Apr 09, 2021 5:01 pm

Post by Miri4ever VIP+  »

  Your username, email, age

Here, we would like to clarify some information about your username and email before you register on our site here. There are also some things to consider before you start here. It is possible that our external spam filter does not recognize your name because it has been used on too many websites for bad things. Either by yourself (where we have to reject your membership anyway) or by third parties who unfortunately misused your preferred name. So, despite all correct entries, the registration here may fail in the end. In this case, you should use another name and ask us later to change it according to your wishes.

Your username should look like this:

  • Have at least 3 letters or more.
  • Start with a capital letter.
  • Be pronounceable and readable (no random numbers / letters).
  • Please no numbers or similar at the beginning / end
  • Do not contain insulting words (swear words)
  • Do not contain misogynistic content
  • Do not contain racist content
  • Do not contain pornographic content
  • No own names or of famous persons
  • No 4711 or 0815 names
  • Role playing game names would be fine
The system will check if it is still free, and you can continue. We can't say what the spam filter will determine in the end, and we can't do anything about it.


Please use an e-mail where we can reach you from time to time. This is not necessary, but we will be careful with such strange e-mails, and it could be that they get stuck in the security system and are denied (spam database). It is also easier for us to verify your account later on. Strange and cryptic entries will only lead to the blocking of your account. Our security system will also intervene here.

  • Do not use non-existent mails
  • No mails with strange characters
  • None with foreign spam senders
Age entry:

You have to be at least 21 years old for security and liability reasons. There is a field where you have to enter your age (min. 21 years) and then another checkbox where you have to confirm it again. Many registrations here on the site fail because of this. This is necessary so that we can be sure that whatever you do on this site, you are liable and not underage.

Registration reason:

This will be permanently anchored in your profile, and don't write any crap or weird stuff here. With this, we will decide if we activate you or not !!! If you write a Promote Code from us or someone who invited you, it helps a lot, and please mention the person who invited you if you didn't find us yourself. This also makes the task easier. It may take a while until we unlock you or not. Sporadically, there will be waiting times or only certain profiles will be treated preferentially, and therefore you should also have entered the correct mail so that our system can inform you properly in case of an activation.

Spam filter:

You entered everything correctly, and it still doesn't work, and you are blocked for a short time? Then you have either forgotten the age check box or someone is using your e-mail / username as spam on many other websites, although it would be possible with us. Our registration can't do that if we get such a check and denial back. Just try another username or email, and we will try to set it up correctly for you later if you wish. The spam detection program is on an external site for testing, where we unfortunately do not have access to it if it reports something suspicious to us on the account.
As you come into this world, something else is also born.
You begin your life and it begins a journey to follow you not slowy but it never stops
where ever you go whatever path you take it will follow never faster never slower always coming
You are run it will walk. You will rest it will not.
One day you will stay in one place to long, you will sit to still or sleep to deep and when too late.
You raised the goal and will notice a second shadow next to yours ! Your life then will be over.

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