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Forum currency: Pixiedust


Postby Miri4ever VIP+  » Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:59 am

Post by Miri4ever VIP+  »

Ā Ā Forum currency: Pixiedust

You surely know the stories about the fairy dust you can fly with. Yes, we also use this fairy dust here for our little busy fairies. They need it to light up, to fly, and whatever else they can do with it. They always leave some behind that you can pick up and put in your pocket. If you keep it well and in a safe place it will multiply itself, slowly, but it will do so if there is enough of it. These fairies give you the dust, but they need it to exist, and they want something back now and then. If you don't get it on your own, take it by force. Yes, they can also be deadly if you try to imprison them. So, also give some back to them now and then, and they will be grateful and happy to you.

So yes, we use this as currency here on the forum, in our shop, in our arcade box and for chips at the poker table. You get it by being good, writing articles, voting and of course playing. You can't buy it with money because it's a virtual game currency here for our site. So, I'll summarize this briefly here:

You can earn it as follows:
  • Writing articles
  • Participate in polls
  • Win at table poker
  • Win at the arcade machine
  • He can also reproduce himself
  • You can win it in the lottery
  • You get him as a gift
  • You sell some things as a pledge
  • It is your birthday
Spend it / lose it as follows:
  • Exchange for poker chips
  • Losing at poker
  • Losing by certain actions in the forum
  • Lose in the arcade machine if you don't have a high score
  • If you are bad to my fairies
  • It could be stolen from you
  • You can donate it to the fairies here (they will be happy)
  • Give something to a friend where less has
  • Lose at possible forum games
  • Buying back items
  • ...
Unfortunately, we have to adjust the prices from time to time so that everything stays in circulation and no one has a lot of money and others are poor and have nothing. Of course, we also raise the prices accordingly or collect something from all of you if it should become too much. There can always be changes and new ideas for winning and losing. It is only important:

Pixiedust cannot be bought for real money, and we will never charge for it. It is free of charge and always will be. Furthermore, at our poker tables we only play for the poker chips which you can then exchange back for Pixiedust! But never for real money!

We just need it so that we can play our role-playing games here and keep the group a little active. First earn and then have fun with it. MSP has the coins you have to buy or earn for the games, and we have the Pixiedust. Our fairies will need it for their things, where you get for it, so support you with that as well.
As you come into this world, something else is also born.
You begin your life and it begins a journey to follow you not slowy but it never stops
where ever you go whatever path you take it will follow never faster never slower always coming
You are run it will walk. You will rest it will not.
One day you will stay in one place to long, you will sit to still or sleep to deep and when too late.
You raised the goal and will notice a second shadow next to yours ! Your life then will be over.

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