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Check IN / Cash-IN Game Types


Postby Miri4ever CEO  » Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:15 pm

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  Check-IN Game Type

Hello Dear visitors and members of my little crazy world here. This, unfortunately, is the more unpleasant part of the whole thing here. It's largely about checking in like you would at a hotel. This unfortunately becomes more or less compulsory for every member here, not excluding the women. The good thing is there is no time for you to do this, the choice is up to you when you are ready.

I would like to get to know each member personally and talk to them and check them out a bit. For this there will be a game in the chat, which of course we will do in a closed room so that nobody disturbs us. We will talk a little bit and get to know each other but the match will have a little catch. It will be a reality handicap match :22: :02:

Sorry this is the end of the guest area, you can see more if you are logged in.

Furthermore I would like to call ALL members to this:

Take care of your pictures !!! Don't post a picture of yourself in the forum !!! We have extreme safeguards for that yes but you can't use them as normal members like we do. Make a private chat room and if you are extreme a private chat room with password if you do this. I won't see it and I can't help you directly unless you invite me. So I don't know what you are doing in there and I can't see your pictures. And no that's not a lie that's really not possible !!

Furthermore I would ask you to make a so called soft or tease set for new people where you haven't played before like I do for this first match. You can open a button, show a little belly but if possible play only the pictures until you know the person better and you can always put a hot picture in at the end for the next possible match. This way everyone has time to get to know each other without pressure. And of course normal games can be played at any time and you know that you can play for everything. You can use your Pixiedust, memberships etc. and lose or win. So pay attention to who you are playing and yes this is mean of me and not 100% free of shakiness !!!

That's why you should do it, but you don't have to !!!!!!
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