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Elite Dangerous - Players wanted


Postby Miri4ever VIP+  » Sun Apr 25, 2021 12:10 pm

Post by Miri4ever VIP+  »

  Elite Dangerous - Players wanted

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Hello and welcome,

don't you by any chance play this game as well? Just now with the new expansion Odyessy coming out? I've created a small squadron, and I'm sure there will be more as we get bigger. Certainly, one of the carrier ships at some point. But yes, I would want to have a small team. Especially in terms of combat training. Yes, I have some big ships, but I still don't think I'm ready for combat with them. Maybe you can help me out with that. Fly some missions together. I have almost only multi-crew ships, so that wouldn't be a problem, and when the new add-on is available I can transport you safely with your ship and do the planetary missions together.

Just write me in the game, and you will find me under the same name, and then we can start a private group and maybe fight together against pirates or smuggle dangerous goods. I feel it would be better not to do it all by myself permanently, and I think that would also strengthen our side if we could cover more different areas here. If you want to register here for that reason, just give it as a reason:
ED Odyessy player
in your registration so that I can assign you better. Otherwise, the same rules apply here as in the Guidelines Forum, except that you don't need avatar pictures like for the other games here. We have an extra game forum where you can meet and talk, and of course, you can also use our chat during the game if it's not good enough in the game. Unfortunately, I couldn't try it out yet. But we have everything we need here.

I play for both factions, the Federation and the Empire. I've found the perfect worlds for both to complete the faction-relevant tasks quickly, and they're a bit outside the main galaxy, so we have a bit of peace and quiet. With the Federation, you can even fly to the stations with the big ships and don't always need the mid-range ships like in most missions.
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