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Visionary Development
Visionary Development
Jul 2021 17 22:38

Questions and answers about the page

Post by Miri4ever CVO 

 Questions and answers about the site

This post is generally about answering the most common questions effortlessly and quickly. I have divided everything into different topics and if you think of more things we could add here, I would like you to note that here in this article, so we can make an update. Just add your comments here [Please login or register to view this link], and I will see what I can do. I have considered many things, but not everything. That is also not possible.

The more we find, the easier it is again for all. This article is also available in different languages to achieve the best result for all of you.


Where does the site name come from?
  • We didn't always have the name and used to be called United Terranic Oceans (U-T-O) which is so close to Star Trek of Star fleet. After a good 1 or 2 years, the name got changed as follows. Inspired by Star Trek and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A hidden secret but also completely peaceful and safe world that can be found on the bottom of the sea, in a big underwater city with a prismatic dome. I even have pictures of this that have never been published again. So, the oceans of the earth, hence the name, was then derived.
How long have you been around?
  • It's been over 15 years now if I counted the beginning correctly and in the past. There were many other people working here who were also involved in the founding of the site. Now they are only acting in the very distant background and have no membership here any more and only take care of the web hosting.
Then you must be big?
  • No, we are small and secret and many people also kept leaving or disappeared. Whether they fell victims to a whale, I can't say, or it was obviously too scary for them here in all this silence on the ocean floor. After all, you need a submarine / spaceship to penetrate all the way down to us here.
What are you doing here?
  • We do what we like. Hmm, do we know that song from somewhere? It was meant for my stories, experiences, games (where Guild Wars came much later) and my self painted pictures, or just to meet with friends every night. Facebook and co didn't exist back then and the internet was still in its infancy, so this was the evening meeting place for our little games group. I refused to switch from my old computer to a PC for a long time, so I didn't know anything like the internet. Even today we still do that, but you can find everything here if you want, and I am open to add new topics and things here if there is enough approval for it.
What kind of software do you use?
  • We use PHP BB (then 2.x and now 3.4) because it is free and offers many extra modules where you can rebuild and program yourself. But due to the evolution of the software and conversions we also lost many, or we destroyed the forum just for fun. For the website is now WordPress added, but we do not use it for writing, and it is only a demo site. Everything else should be done here about the site.
Everything very colourful and dark, doesn't that deter?
  • The graphics are all home-made and black on white really has everyone, and the bright light only hurts the eyes. The dark is more soothing, and you can do a lot more in the dark with bold colours, like on a white page. The Handy's can one also already all on dark Theme change which therefore many do.  Only we were here the first with a forum software. However, it also makes a lot of work since normal everything got designed only on white. We can do a lot of magic here and there are always people who complain, and they do not have to be here.

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