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Jan 2023 09 02:15

A Welcome and Guide to our New Members!

Post by LadyKatzen VIP+ 

 A Welcome and Guide
to our New Members !

If you are new to the site, welcome to Terra Oceanica!  Since I first arrived back in May, I have found my own time to be rather enjoyable…and I thought I would take a few moments and write a quick welcome guide for those who are just starting out.

If you have arrived from MSP, well, I think it is sufficient to say that you will need to adjust a bit from how MSP operates and how Terra operates.  As an example, I am a huge fan of Disney, with my husband and I striving to go on at least one Disney vacation per year.  If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, you will know that the resort is huge, consisting of several theme parks, about a dozen or so resorts, and countless restaurants and stores.  In fact, one can purchase a multitude of guides that can help just about anyone plan their “perfect Disney Vacation.” 

Now, with Walt Disney World in mind, I think it is helpful to think of Terra as Walt Disney World, and MSP as Fronter Land at Magic Kingdom.  Yes, Frontier Land is a thing. If you are not aware of it, I think you should look it up…. But at any rate, this site has a wealth of different games, forums, and activities…one of which just happens to be the opportunity to play Strip Poker.  There is a ton to take in, and you will not be able to take it all in within a few hours…and I think that is fine, as you can still have fun as you are learning how things operate here.  But if you approach Terra  like at MSP, where people just sit and wait for a game, well, I think you will find your experience here to be incredibly disappointing.

Terra is more like a small circle of friends who enjoy participating in different interests, and I emphasize, “small circle of friends.”  We have all taken the time to get to know each other, whether we are chatting in the chat rooms with each other or posting on different topics in the forum.  Whatever it is, we are active on the site, and because we are active on the site, we have, what I think, is a rather nice connection with each other…and because we have a nice connection with each other, well, we do not mind periodically getting naked with each other.

But one cannot happen without the other.  If you do not take the time to participate here, then I believe you will have a rather difficult time connecting with others, and if you do not have a connection, I think you get what will happen, or should I say, NOT happen.

So.  First and foremost.  I am not sure if you have posted your bio yet, but if you have not, then please do so as soon as possible.  After you have done that, find the chat room.  The link for it can be located at the top right  corner of the page.  Join us in the main chat area and say hello to whomever is there, and just chat with us for a spell.  Please feel free to ask questions and tell us a bit about yourself. 

The site operates on a level system, for lack of a better term.  The more you are active on the site, and the more you connect with people, the more you will be able to access.  Because you are new to the site, your access might be limited, but you will have access to the “main elements,” like the chat room and the basic forum.  But feel free to read a few topics..and maybe write a post or two.  Go back to the chat room and talk a bit more.  Check out your profile and maybe start visualizing what photo of yourself you would like to use for an avatar.  Go back to the chat room and chat.  When all else fails, go back to the chat room and chat.  I hope you see the pattern…

So welcome again to Terra, and if you see me in the chat room, please feel free to talk with me.  I look forward to talking with you!
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