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The Member System

Postby Miri4ever CVO/CEO  » 7. Jan 2022, 12:44

Post by Miri4ever CVO/CEO  »

 The Member System I

Here I would like to introduce you a little to the different user groups, how to get them, the costs and what benefits they will bring you. If you are here for the first time, you will have to introduce yourself to me in my office before I will put you into the normal user group. This will give you standard access to the beginners forums, chat, and some games.

You will therefore be limited in many ways, for example you will have to wait in the chat until you are allowed to reply again, as well as in the forum when writing posts. Most of the work is done by our system alone, without our intervention, once you have reached a certain number of posts and comments. It will automatically add you to groups or remove you from them.

This limit is 3 active posts. Then you will automatically be moved to the standard group and have extended access to the beginners' areas, where there is a lot to read and discover. Take part in the contributions there, welcome new or old members. There are many possibilities here.

You should also drop by our chat rooms, and please leave us more than just a hello. This only hello and away in the chat we evaluate only as an alibi log-in and should this behaviour occur increasingly we will deny among other things enquiries to games or the entry for the extended memberships!

Furthermore, we will not pay you any Pixiedust for entering or writing in the chat, please use our forum. The chat is only for generating games and activities, getting to know each other and other important things. So if you want to play poker with us, please stay a little longer in our chat!

Remember, we are a forum that lives from articles and contributions. Such things get lost in the chat and are not permanent, so they don't count here either. Only real contributions from you will bring you further and generate more opportunities to participate in our activities.

The more you post, the higher your rank will rise, and you will automatically receive various rank badges. If you get over 25 posts, your membership will be upgraded to Advanced Member and you will get access to more forums. All these standard and advanced memberships are and remain free of charge, and you don't need any Pixiedust of our virtual currency, which you earn simply by being active. You will always get some virtual money for writing and replying. Random money is also distributed for certain actions, which you can then use in games to win more or, of course, to lose some. It serves as a kind of motivation system that encourages and rewards you to cooperate. Of course, you don't have to do it, and it's voluntary, but don't complain if you never see the good stuff. So, that's in everyone's own control.

 Exceptions and bonus rules

Standard Members Image
You require 3 posts to get into the standard group, and otherwise you are just an extended guest. And therefore it will not be possible to use our arcade game system. You will only have access to the standard forum areas, as well as our office.

Extended Memberships Image
For the extended membership, 25 posts are necessary, which you can buy in the standard areas or in our office. But if you have a membership with more than 365 days on our site so far, this access will be activated for you as well, without consideration whether the number of contributions has been reached or not. So, this is our special bonus from us to you if you are less active in writing. There are no restrictions to these two variants.

 Inactive members

Stoned Members Image
Just as it automatically raises you after 365 days of membership, it will also push you into some sort of banished group after 180 days of no activity. We call this group stoned members. ALL Your access and functions, except for the private messages with which you can contact us, will be blocked.

This means that you will not have access to any functions. This way, your account is also secured in case you are hacked and no one can do any damage to your inactive account. This is independent of your membership. ALL members who have not logged in again within 180 days since the last login will fall into this group..

However, if you log back in, our system will recognize this and put you back into the Standard or Advanced member group within 24 hours. However, it may happen that you first appear as a guest and only after a 24-hour cycle is done. The removal from the petrified group is done immediately without any intervention from our side. Logging out and logging in again could speed up the process. Possible PREMIUM, REAL and VIP memberships are of course forfeited and expire and will be made available to you again after a certain period of activity.


That's all you need to know here in the guest section of this post. For the extended memberships, please refer to the following articles in this post after you have registered with us.

All memberships are free, in that we do not charge REAL money for any features. Moreover, no benefits can be bought by donating real money (which we like to see, of course). Our system only works with trust and activity, and then you will be rewarded

  • Min. 3 posts for standard membership
  • Access to the standard forum area
  • Min. 25 posts or 365 days standard membership for extended membership
  • Extended forum access with the extended membership.
  • After 180 days inactivity, automatic change to the petrified group
  • Petrified have no access except to private messages
  • Immediate return to standard group after logging in again within 24 hours
  • PREMIUM Groups have to be requested by yourself also after return.
  • VERIFIED Groups are only allocated by us.
  • VIP Groups are only awarded / earned by us.
  • VIP+ Groups are only available to certain members immediately.
  • VIP and VIP+ do not give automatic access to PREMIUM content.

I hope everything has been understood and read correctly. If you find any mistakes or anything else, please let me know. Otherwise, have fun, and we really are a nice little community and nobody has to be afraid of us. However, if you have any further questions, please use the contact button below to send us a message.

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