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Guide Image security Topic is solved


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Terminatrix COO 

Image security

Postby Terminatrix COO  » 25. Apr 2021, 12:58

Post by Terminatrix COO  »

 Image security

This post is about image security, especially your images and what happens to them. Security and data protection have the highest priority here, and we have, as far as possible, done our best for this. Therefore, it is not, and it will never be possible to upload your picture here. A small exception are your avatars, so please ensure that they stay neat and do not contain pornographic or offensive content. As you can see from reading these articles, as long as you are still a guest, it is not possible to see your avatar pictures or access any profiles. Here we have eliminated many weaknesses that other sites like MSP disregard, whereas a guest you can already see everything.

We also make sure that none got displayed on the portal as long as you are a guest. Therefore, many modules only appear after logging in here. And even then, users have the possibility to hide their profile later on.

If you ever want to post pictures in the chat, that's fine here, there are special security systems like coding, watermarking etc. and again, you don't have to upload a single picture here for that. The chat got regularly deleted, and the rooms where games have been played disappear immediately after use. Of course, this is only a part of the security, where for you as a guest are first relevant:
  • No uploading permanent saving possible (exception avatars)
  • Avatars / profiles not visible for guests
  • Watermark
  • No hotlinking possible
  • No abuse by Apple users
But we'll go into more detail in a moment. But I think in terms of security, we are way ahead of all the other sites because we rely on different systems. Should one fail or be bypassed, there is still at least one other system actively taking care of your security.

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