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Visionary Development
Visionary Development
Apr 2021 09 15:41

Welcome to our site - Please Read

Post by Miri4ever CVO 

 Welcome to our site

Hello dear visitors and welcome to our site. It appears to me that we have aroused your interest or someone has made you aware of us. We are a small private site run by 2 nice ladies on the side. If you want to become a part of our little community, you have to register for free, and you have to be at least 21 years old. Please keep in mind that we are only a small handful of people and want to stay that way. The admins of the site decide with every registration if the access will be activated or not. So please be patient and bear with us, as not everyone can register and activate themselves. There is an input field where you can tell us why you want to join. If an existing member has recommended you here, we ask you to include their name in the reason. This will make your access and activation much easier and faster. Please pay attention to the age, the confirmation and that you fill in your gender. Then there is a small logic puzzle to solve, with which you simply need little English knowledge. We currently offer our site in the following main languages:

German, English

There is a complete page translator in these languages if articles and contributions not written in your language. If something not translated, our system will automatically insert English in the missing places. You can set your language when you register. All newer articles on our site should at least be available in English / German. You can see this by the corresponding markings when the language changes. Unless otherwise specified, the English version always comes first and then the German version either in the same post or in the next one if the text is too long. Here you have to scroll a little.

What is there to see with us?

We do many things. You may come here for just one thing, but don't worry. Our forum got divided into interest areas, for each of which you can activate a membership via our virtual shop. Everything is free of charge and will not require any money. We have a virtual forum currency which you can work with. You get it through activity, posting, voting or through our games that we offer here. So, everyone can decide for themselves if they want to unlock more areas or not, which are as follows:

  • Guest area
  • Support and offices (for your questions)
  • General member area
  • Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2
  • Graphics and Artwork
  • Technics and Hardware
  • Multimedia (Music / Video)
  • Gaming (Games online / offline)
  • VIP Area
  • Site Navigation / Weblinks
The sections got filled differently and this is just a rough outline. We have a very fancy chat on the site, with which we can do almost anything. There are also chat and live games there (Poker / Yahtzee), furthermore we have an arcade games box and poker tables to play. It is always played with the forum currency. The site will always remain free of advertising and fees, but donations are welcome. As we have raised the age for safety reasons, there will of course also be various events taking place in the chat and forum. Various kinds of poker and what you can make out of it. However, we are not a porn site if you think that now, and we will not upload any pictures in this regard. Adults meet here to play together, chat and whatever, but that's it. We don't offer anything illegal here. 

People who already know the sites My Strip Poker or Adultslosing are of course always welcome here.

Here again what concerns our games:

  • Guildwars
  • Guildwars 2
  • Star Trek Online
  • Elite Dangerous
  • No Man's Sky
  • Various Poker variants
  • Chat Games
If you also use PHP BB systems, we can offer you our developments and modifications we have done ourselves. If you need something here, please don't be deterred, we have that as well. From time to time, there are various events where the design of the site, various effects, etc. can be adjusted. We have something like a weather system that can break loose, so that shouldn't bother you. We try to make everything mobile friendly, but there is no 100% guarantee.


Security is the most important thing for us, especially with our games, that no personal data or your pictures that you could use in the games got stolen. It will seem strange and complicated at first, but we will be happy to explain to you how everything works and where, and there are always a few people on hand to help. In addition, 2 artificial intelligences are constantly watching over you and sending messages. So please don't be frightened. For security reasons, we will not document exactly how the systems work. But we are constantly trying to be better than anything else on the market. So feel at home with us.

Are you interested? Then go here to the registration or if already done to the registration:


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